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Monday, October 25, 2021
Observatory Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Rainfall Bright Sun Shine Morning Relative Humidity Wind Speed Evaporation
Pilicode (Northern Zone)
POINT (75.16 12.2)
31.00°C 24.00°C 0.00mm 6.10hrs 92.00% 3.50km/hr 4.00mm
Ambalavayal (High Range Zone)
POINT (76.21 11.61)
28.20°C 17.20°C 2.20mm 6.40hrs 96.00% 1.00km/hr 1.50mm
Pattambi (Central Zone)
POINT (76.19 10.81)
31.80°C 23.40°C 3.20mm 7.10hrs 93.00% 1.80km/hr 4.20mm
Vellanikkara (Central Zone)
POINT (76.28 10.54)
33.20°C 23.90°C 0.00mm 9.20hrs 95.00% 1.80km/hr 3.20mm
Kumarakom (Problem Area Zone)
POINT (76.42 9.62)
33.50°C 24.00°C 0.00mm 6.60hrs 90.00% 2.00km/hr 3.40mm
Vellayani (Southern Zone)
POINT (76.98 8.42)
30.90°C 23.20°C 0.00mm 7.50hrs 87.00% 0.30km/hr 3.20mm

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Kerala Agricultural University
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