1. Vice Chancellor,
    Kerala Agricultural University,
    Vellanikkara, Thrissur.

  2. Agricultural Production commissioner
    Government secretariat,

  3. The Principal Secretary/Secretary or the Special Secretary to Government,
    Finance Department,
    Government Secretariat,




    The member representing the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in the  General Council


  4. Dr.M Anandaraj,

    Director, Indian Institute of Spices Research,

    Marikunnu P.O, Calicut - 673 012


    Dean of Faculty elected by the General Council

  5. Vacant 

    Member elected from among the Teachers in the General Council  


  6. Vacant 

    Non-official Members  of the General Council elected by the Council


  7. Vacant 

  8. Vacant 

  9. Vacant 


  10. Vacant 


    The M.L.A. representing the constituency in which the Headquarters of the University is situated.


  11. Sri. M.P Vincent, MLA

    Maniyakku House, Second Street,

    Pavoo’s Lane, Kizhakkumpattukara

    Thrissur – 680 005

email ID & telephone numbers of EC Members

  1. Finance Committee

  2. Planning, Development & Resource Mobilization Committee

  3. Research & Extension Review Committee

  4. Establishment Committee

  5. Education, Career Development & Student Welfare Committee

  6. Works Committee

  7. Legal Monitoring Committee